Healing Waters 

 Healing Touch 


Experience how the power of touch can restore balance and heal a multitude of health issues. Relax with services ranging from facial treatments to full-body treatments.

Healing Waters Natural Health Center provides a wide array of holistic wellness services. All treatments are carefully executed by Janelle Hurst de Mazariegos, a licensed Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher, and Practitioner, and a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. While some services aim to prevent health complications later in life, other services are more restorative in nature and aim to alleviate any existing issues and help you find your balance.



A Japanese technique to reduce stress, improve relaxation, and promote  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Nutritive Touch


Relax, detoxify, and rejuvenate with all-natural facial scrubs and masks.

Hydro therapy


A restorative health technique, that aims to replenish the much needed minerals in your body. Learn about mineral deficiencies and how you may be effected.



An assessment of the eye, during which the colors, shapes and patterns of the iris are observed. Such characteristics reveal state of health for other parts of the body.